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IT Specalist Russian Speaking

Russian, Englsh, English,
Aurora Aviation
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Job Description
An international company is looking for an IT professional to be responsible for the following:
• Designing, configuring, installing, maintaining, and repairing network systems, subsystems, servers and Microsoft Exchange Servers.
• Overseeing the computer & server room operation and environment.
• Handling of complete IT infrastructure including virtual & physical servers, clustering of servers, and related storage devices.
• Providing information, direction and/or recommendations regarding network installations and configurations including telephone and wireless systems
• Resolving network operational issues
• Providing technical and day to day support to the staff to ensure business continuity
• Resolving any application issues faced by the staff
• Providing level 1, 2, and 3 support.
Network Administration:
• Implement & Commission network infrastructure.
• Monitor Network (connectivity, servers, routers, firewalls, switches, internet connections.)
• Periodic audit of network stability and performance of existing hardware and software
• Update network applications as required
• Oversee network and server configuration maintenance and management
• Liaison with third party vendors for setting up systems infrastructure and software.
• Monitor internet connectivity
• Ensure connectivity on each user’s system for email communication and related business applications
• Troubleshoot and resolve all problems encountered with connection, printer, hardware and software
• Procurement / Maintenance of Hardware & Software
• Keep Inventory of all hardware and software
• Ensure technology is accessible and equipped with current hardware and software
• Escalate requests to the appropriate party, as needed. Replace or repair defective parts and equipment
• Ensuring all software is properly licensed and up to date
• Perform routine server monitoring and performance benchmarking
• Overseeing computer security and anti-virus updates etc. Monitor and remove virus, spyware and other non-authorized software
• Makes recommendations for new equipment and services to purchase and works with various vendors for procurement
• Ensuring data is backed up on a regular basis
User Support:
• Setting up new users and managing backup, security and passwords
• Clarify user’s real needs and expectations and builds open, co-operative relationships with users
• Provide satisfactory IT support to computer users within the office
• Record user’s complaint/issue and upon resolution confirm the same with the user and acquire his acknowledgement
• Conduct briefings and demonstrations for users to enhance system productivity
General Responsibilities:
• Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential
• Obtain necessary authority for expenses and record same in line with Company Policy
• Undertake any reasonable duties as specified by the top management of the company
• Closely cooperate with the Programmer

Russian speaking
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Salary Indication
10,000.00AED per month
Qualification and Experience:
• Associate’s degree in Computer Technology or related field
• At least 3 years prior experience with providing IT support at 1st or 2nd line level
• Bilingual (fluency in English is a must and Russian would be an advantage)
Critical Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Knowledge of computer hardware and software systems and programs
• Knowledge of computer networks, network administration, and network installation
• Knowledge of virtualization and clustering.
• Knowledge of computer troubleshooting
• Knowledge of computer viruses and security
• Knowledge of E-mail and internet programs

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